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Зарубежные источники

HIV InSite Knowledge Base

University of California San Francisco

HIV Medication Guide

J. Antony Gagnon, Pharm.D.

HIV Medication Guide (scheduler, drug interactions, pharmaceutical and nutritional recommendations

NOTIS Inc. and R. Therrien

HIV Medicine - a clinical textbook

Flying Publisher - free (PDF)

HIV Molecular Immunology Database

The HIV Molecular Immunology Database is an annotated, searchable collection of HIV-1 cytotoxic and helper T-cell epitopes and antibody binding sites.

HIV travel restrictions and retreats

Traveling with HIV

HIV/AIDS Surveillance

U.S. Census Bureau

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Database

Data is available from CIESIN. The database contains both the data and a database engine to manipulate and display the data. The database was designed for use with IBM compatible personal computers using DOS.

HIV/AIDS Surveillance in Women

CDC slides


HIV Medicine Association

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