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Nun Study

"The Nun Study is a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer\'s disease funded by the National Institute on Aging"


An Organization of Scientists and Physicians Dedicated to Advancing the Field of Oxidative Stress and Aging in Diagnostics and Therapeutics Worldwide

Oxford Institute of Ageing

"The Oxford Institute of Ageing is fully committed to the belief that the production of high quality, strategic research, which informs and is informed by good policy and practice"

School of Aging Studies

University of South Florida Department of Gerontology


Society of Geriatric Cardiology

Sheltering Arms Senior Services

A nonprofit, United Way agency, dedicated to preserving the dignity and independence of Houston’s elderly


Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing

Syllabus on Geriatric Anesthesiology

Version 7/13/01

USC Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center

University of Southern California

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