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American Board of Medical Genetics


An integrated database of every known and predicted human and mouse gene. alsod.org - the online database for ALS genetic (SOD1, ALS and other) mutations

Andogen Receptor Gene Mutations Database

Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


American Society of Human Genetics

Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

A peer reviewed on-line journal and database devoted to genes, cytogenetics, and clinical entities in cancer, and cancer-prone diseases; for and by clinicians and researchers

Atlas of medical parasitology

The Carlo Denegri Foundation, the Infectious Diseases Clinic, Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, University of Torino and the Amedeo di Savoia Hospital, Unit A of Infectious Diseases, Torino, Italy


Cell and Molecular Biology News, Books, Tools and Resources

Biology Project

The University of Arizona Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

BIOSIS Internet Resource Guide for Zoology

BIOSIS delivers flexible information services - including databases and customized information products - to the global life sciences community


Online Protocol, Journal and Forum Center for Life Science Researchers

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